Following types of Users in the system

  • Internal Users
    • Super Admin
    • Security Officer
    • Custom Officer
    • Unit Manager
    • HR
  • External Users
    • Contractor

How to create User ?

Gate Pass

Following types of Gate Pass in the system

  • DTA
    • Taxable
    • Non Taxable
  • Imported

How to Fetch / create the gatepass from the SEZ Online Website ?


Contractor can generate the Temporary ID card. Once you create the contractor, Approval required from higher authorities to enabled the contractor's account. Once approved then contractor can login into system. Contractor's username will be there email address and default password of the contractor will be 123456.

Create the Contractor ?

Counter Party

This is maintaining for ease of system process. Counter party entry will be automatically while you creating the gatepass. we can create manually. see the below for how to create the Counter Party.


We have created below roles.

  • Admin
  • Admin can control whole system

  • Custom Officer
  • Custom officer can see the gatepasses of the whole SEZ site, He can approve the gate pass as well.

  • Security officer
  • Can manage gate pass end to end. Other than gate pass they can't do anything

  • Unit Manager
  • Admin of the Unit, they can manage the Users within unit.

  • HR
  • HR can generate the contractors manage the id cards.

  • Contractor
  • Make the temporary id card request

Assign Permission to Role.


This module is to maintain the unit related detail

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